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Hello, and welcome to our website! We specialize in helping couples marrying in New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts to create their own unique Wedding Ceremonies.

"Help! Where Do We Begin?"

Many Brides and Grooms tell us that they don't know where to begin when planning the Ceremony that is the centerpiece to their most important day. We're here to help!

Blue Sky Wedding Services provides Wedding Officiant and Wedding Ceremony Coordination for Bridal Couples in Southern New Hampshire, Northeast Massachusetts, and Southern Maine who want to play a part in creating their own Ceremony. We help create, perform, and coordinate customized, personalized, Non-denominational, Inter-faith, Spiritual, and Secular Ceremonies that reflect the values and personalities of our bridal couples.

Here are the details and fees for our completely Custom-Designed Ceremony Service Plan...

Custom-Designed Ceremony: $250.00

For couples who want to be involved in building their ceremony from the ground up, our Custom-Designed Ceremony is a wonderful service! You can design your Ceremony any way you want with help from us. The fee for the Custom-Designed Service is $250.00. Here are the highlights of the Customized Service Plan...

• Free Initial Consultation and Wedding Ceremony Planning Information

• Access to our Build-A-Ceremony Website and direct help from us in creating your own Marriage Ceremony

• Unlimited access to your Celebrant via phone and email as you put your Ceremony together

• Access to our library of Wedding Ceremony Planning books

• Comprehensive Planning Appointment approximately a month before the Ceremony

• One of the Best Wedding Officiant/Coordinator teams around (we think, and so do a lot of our clients!). Read more About Us and some client Testimonials

And here are the details and fees for our Personalized Ceremony Service Plan...

Personalized Ceremony: $325.00

The Personalized Ceremony includes everything in the Custom-Designed Ceremony (or any of our other ceremonies), plus personalization from John that includes a Celebrant's Address and other elements that bring unique aspects of your relationship into the ceremony. John interviews each of you individually and as a couple to get to know you a little better and then incorporates the highlights of what he learns into your wedding ceremony. The fee for the Personalized Service is $325.00.

A La Carte... (these services can be added at your request)

• Celebrant attendance at Rehearsal: $75. Includes Ceremony Coordinator if needed (see below). Recommended especially for more involved Custom-Designed and Personalized Ceremonies.

• Wedding Ceremony Coordinator at Rehearesal and on Wedding Day: No Fee. Available with the Custom-Designed and Personalized Ceremony Services that include a Rehearsal at venues that do not provide wedding ceremony coordination. (Read more about our Wedding Ceremony Coordinator Services)

Basic JP Services

For those couples who are interested in a quick, pre-written Ceremony, please visit
John's JP Website

How You Can Learn More

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From Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hampshire hill tops to seashores, in banquet halls, parks, and chapels, on a boat, in a courtyard, or in your own back yard, let the only Wedding Ceremony Service in this area that combines Wedding Officiant and Coordination Services devoted entirely to Marriage Ceremonies - Blue Sky Wedding Services - make it easy for you to have a Wedding Ceremony with memories that you will cherish forever!

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